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Biosecurity Checklist for School Foodservice Programs

Standard Checklists
Communication     PDF  |  Excel
Handling A Crisis     PDF  |  Excel
Choosing Suppliers     PDF  |  Excel
Receiving/Inspection     PDF  |  Excel
Storage Areas     PDF  |  Excel
Storing Food     PDF  |  Excel
Hazardous Chemicals     PDF  |  Excel
Foodservice Equipment     PDF  |  Excel
Foodservice Personnel     PDF  |  Excel
Foodservice/Food Preparation Areas     PDF  |  Excel
Outside the School Building     PDF  |  Excel
Water and Ice Supply     PDF  |  Excel
General Security     PDF  |  Excel
Handling Mail     PDF  |  Excel
Training     PDF  |  Excel
Plan Maintenance     PDF  |  Excel
Our Own School     PDF  |  Excel
School Foodservice Biosecurity Management Team Information     PDF  |  Excel
School Emergency Contact Information     PDF  |  Excel
First Responder Emergency Contact Information     PDF  |  Excel
Monitoring Schedule for Items Requiring Follow-Up     PDF  |  Excel

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service. (2014).
A biosecurity checklist for school foodservice programs: Developing a biosecurity management plan.
Available at

National Food Service Management Institute, 2014
The University of Mississippi