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How To Develop a Plan
The instructions and checklists of security measures in this tool are suggestions. You may choose to use the checklists differently than is instructed, to evaluate the suggestions in a different order, or to implement a suggestion in a way that best suits your needs. The forms provided, once completed, are intended for inclusion into your school foodservice biosecurity management plan.

FNS would like to see each school develop and implement a school foodservice biosecurity management plan. Some school food authorities may choose to develop a general plan for all the schools in their district, however the plan should address the specific roles and responsibilities for each individual school.

Check to see if your school food authority/school district or Board of Education already has a biosecurity management plan or emergency preparedness plan in place. If so, you will need to know its requirements.

Schools that already have a biosecurity plan in place may choose to use this publication to evaluate their current plan and to identify ways to strengthen it.

The steps below are for schools that do not currently have a foodservice biosecurity management plan in place. Most of the security measures suggested in this checklist will require the cooperation and assistance of the school administration.
Dear Foodservice Manager
Step 1: Establish a school foodservice biosecurity management team.
Step 2: Together as a team, go through all the checklists and rate the priority level of each measure.
Step 3: Add security measures unique to your school.
Step 4: Determine which security measures will be part of your plan.
Step 5: Assign tasks and develop a schedule of target dates for each.
Step 6: Track your progress.
Step 7: Maintain the school foodservice biosecurity
management plan

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